16 August 2017

PtC: July 26, 1980. consciousness is useless.

M. All this conceptualizing, all this articulation, has been taking place only after the original concept arose that you are. What was the position before this concept arose? At that time did you have any concepts, any needs?

Q. Like deep sleep?

M. This concept that it is like deep sleep is not incorrect, but it is still a concept, and the original state is beyond concepts.

Q. What is the fact now?

M. That you are awake is itself a concept at this moment. Let this sink in.

Q. It's a movie.

M. Go back to the source: before this concept of beingness, "I Am," arose, what was your state?

Q. I don't know.

M. That which you don't know, that is the right state. Everything that comes after this consciousness is attained, is like a dose of salts - it is useless, consciousness is useless.

Q. So the search, all aspects of it, belongs to the same?

M. Throw away every thought, every experience, everything that happens after this consciousness has come. Other than throwing it away as useless, there is nothing to be done beyond this firm understanding in which you become more and more absorbed.

PtC: July 23, 1980. only recognize.

Q. My tendency is to look outward, rather than inward.

M. That is the quality of your "I Amness," not of you, the Absolute. You have embraced the body as your Self. That also is superficial, you don't know what is happening inside the body either.

Q. Correct. I don't know what's happening in my organs or how they act.

M. All the actions happening in this wide world, the samples of all those, are also happening in the body.

Q. That which is, does not know Itself.

M. In that state you do not know you are. With the tool, or aid, of beingness you know you are.

Q. With the tool we try to go beyond?

M. Don't try to go beyond consciousness, only recognize, understand, what the beingness is, that does the trick. The proof that consciousness was not lies with you only. You, the Absolute, are the proof of that. Spontaneously, uncalled for, this beingness has come and this beingness is being witnessed by you, the Absolute.

02 August 2017

PtC: July 22, 1980. suffer this beingness

Q. Even beingness is an imperfect temporary phase?

M. That consciousness is a product of the food essence body; the body is the fuel on which "I Amness" is sustained. Do you not observe what the body is? Is it not a morsel of food and water? Presently you are embroiled in this "I Amness," but you - the Absolute - are not this "I Amness."

Q What you are saying is, even the "I Amness," the way you recognize it in the mind, that is not the way it is actually?

M. Take it like this: this is as good or as bad an experience as having a tummy ache or a pain in the neck. In my perfect state I never had a pain, but when the "I Amness" was there, suddenly I felt the pain. That "I Amness" will merge, will disappear, I am the perfect state when "I Amness" was not. I definitely know that "I Amness" was not. Just as I have to suffer a chronic ailment I suffer this beingness. Just understand at what level I am talking, to what level I am leading you.

Just imagine the flight to which this spiritual talk has gone. The normal spiritual approach everywhere is to worship this consciousness with so many titles, but to me it is a pain and I want to get rid of that.