04 October 2010

4. Real World is Beyond the Mind

No thing in existence has a particular cause; the entire universe contributes to the existence of even the smallest thing.

Would people know that nothing can happen unless the entire universe makes it happen, they would achieve much more with less... energy.

The very urge to achieve is also an expression of the total universe. It... shows that the energy potential has risen at a particular point.

The real world is beyond the mind's ken; we see it through the net of our desires...

To see the universe as it is, you must step beyond the net. It is not hard to do so, for the net is full of holes.

Causality, even as a concept, does not apply to chaos.

For everything there are innumerable causal factors. But the source of all that is, is the Infinite Possibility, the Supreme Reality...

...which is in you and which throws its power and light and love on every experience.

But, this source is not a cause and no cause is a source. Because of that, I say everything is uncaused.

A thing is as it is, because the universe is as it is.

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