17 November 2010

45. What Comes and Goes has no Being

First words, then silence. One must be ripe for silence.

Everything is caused by innumerable factors, of which your personal endeavor is but one.

The very idea of doing the right thing comes to you from the unknown. Leave it to the unknown as far as the results go.

In reality nothing is lacking and nothing is needed, all work is on the surface only. In the depths there is perfect peace.

Any attempt to do something about your problems is bound to fail, for what is caused by desire can be undone only in freedom from desire.

To work in the world is hard, to refrain from all unnecessary work is even harder.

You cannot be rid of problems without abandoning illusions.

There is no such thing as a person. There are only restrictions and limitations. The sum total of these defines the person.

Fight with all the strength at your disposal against the idea that you are nameable and describable. You are not.

Truly, all is in me and by me. There is nothing else. The very idea of 'else' is a disaster and a calamity.

All separation, every kind of estrangement and alienation is false. All is one-this is the ultimate solution of every conflict.

What is in the world cannot save the world; if you really care to help the world you must step out of it.

To be born means to create a world around yourself as the center. But do you ever create yourself?

What comes and goes has no being. It owes its very appearance to reality. You know that there is a world, but does the world know you?

Everyone creates a world for himself and lives in it, imprisoned by one's ignorance. All we have to do is to deny reality to our prison.

Once you realize, beyond all trace of doubt that the world is in you and not you in the world, you are out of it.

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