06 November 2010

34. Mind is restlessness Itself

There is no such thing as peace of mind. Mind means
disturbance; restlessness itself is mind.

Changes by themselves cannot bring us to the changeless.

You can find what you have lost. But you cannot find what
you have not lost.

The true knowledge of the self is not a knowledge.

Nothing profits the world as much as the abandoning of

A man who no longer thinks in terms of loss and gain is the
truly non-violent man, for he is beyond all conflict.

It is not doing good that comes first, but ceasing to hurt,
not adding to suffering.

The only help worth giving is freeing from the need for
further help. Repeated help is no help at all.

Momentary relief from pain we call pleasure-and we build
castles in the air hoping for endless pleasure which we call happiness.

It is all misunderstanding and misuse. Wake up, go beyond,
live really.

Undeceive yourself and be free. You are not a person.

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