13 November 2010

41. Develop the Witness Attitude

Anything you do for the sake of enlightenment takes you nearer. Anything you do without remembering enlightenment puts you off.

Just know that you are above and beyond all things and thoughts. What you want to be, you are it already. Just keep it in mind.

I am not indifferent, I am impartial. I give no preference to the me & the mine. A basket of earth and a basket of jewels are both unwanted.

Looking for causes and results is but the pastime of the mind. What is, is lovable.
Love is not a result, it is the very ground of being.

Wherever you go, you will find being, consciousness and love. Why and what for make preferences?

When you realize that your mind too is a part of nature, the duality will cease.

Develop the witness attitude & you will find in your own experience that detachment brings control. The state of witnessing is full of power

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