14 November 2010

42. Reality can not be Expressed

The self is single. You are that self and you have ideas of what you have been or will be. But an idea is not the self.

There is no progress in reality, it is final, perfect, unrelated.

The source of light is dark, unknown is the source of knowledge. That source alone is. Go back to that source and abide there.

God is all that is great and wonderful; I am nothing, have nothing, can do nothing. Yet all comes out of me -- the source is me.

When reality explodes in you, you may call it experience of God. Or rather, it is God experiencing you. God knows you when you know yourself

Reality is not the result of a process; it is an explosion. It is definitely beyond the mind, but all you can do is to know your mind well.

Not that the mind will help you, but by knowing your mind you may avoid your mind disabling you.

Treating everything as a dream liberates. As long as you give reality to dreams, you are their slave.

The essence of slavery is to imagine yourself to be a process, to have past and future, to have history.

See the event as event only, the transient as transient, experience as mere experience and you have done all you can.

Then you are vulnerable to reality, no longer armored against it, as you were when you gave reality to events and experiences.

Neither action, nor feeling, nor thought express reality. There is no such thing as an expression of reality.

Reality neither comes nor goes. It is to be perceived, not expected. It is not to be prepared for and anticipated.

Once you have awakened into reality, you stay in it. A child does not return to the womb!

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