31 October 2010

29. Living is Life’s only Purpose

In the great mirror of consciousness images arise and
disappear and only memory gives them continuity.

On such flimsy foundations we build a sense of personal
existence -- vague, intermittent, dreamlike.

Each moment contains the whole of the past and creates the
whole of the future.

What business have you with saving the world, when all the
world needs is to be saved from you?

I am beyond all dreams. I am the light in which all dreams
appear and disappear. I am both inside and outside the dream.

There is no need of a way out! Don't you see that a way out
is also a part of the dream? All you have to do is to see the dream as

When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all
that needs be done.

30 October 2010

28. All Suffering is Born of Desire

You are all the time destroying yourself, and your own, by
serving strange gods, inimical and false.

By all means be selfish—the right way. Wish yourself
well, labor at what is good for you. Destroy all that stands between you
and happiness.

Be all—love all—be happy—make happy. No happiness is

Harmony between the inner and the outer is happiness. On
the other hand, self-identification with the outer causes is suffering.

The false self must be abandoned before the real self can
be found.

29 October 2010

27. The Beginningless Begins Forever

It is useless to struggle with words to express what is
beyond words.

All division is in the mind; there is none in reality.

Whatever is spoken is speech only. Whatever is thought is
thought only. The real meaning is unexplainable, though experienceable.

You imagine separations & trouble yourself with questions.
Don't concern yourself overmuch with formulations. Pure being cannot be

Reality is in the very fact of experience, not in its

Who thinks of himself as separate from the world, let him
help the world.

The only thing that can help is to wake up from the dream.

The awakener signifies the beginning of the end. There are
no eternal dreams.

To be nothing, to have nothing, to keep nothing for oneself
is the greatest gift, the highest generosity.

28 October 2010

26. Personality, an Obstacle

There is nothing wrong with duality as long as it does not
create conflict. Multiplicity and variety without strife is joy.

In pure consciousness there is light. For warmth, contact
is needed. Above the unity of being is the union of love.

Love is the meaning and purpose of duality.

I am what is—without any distinction whatsoever into
inner & outer, mine & yours, good & bad. What the world is,
I am—what I am the world is

There is nothing wrong with memory as such. What is false
is its content. Remember facts, forget opinions.

27 October 2010

25. Hold on to ‘I am’

Things happen as they happen—not because I make them
happen, but it is because I am that they happen. In reality nothing ever happens.

When the mind is restless, it makes Shiva dance, like the
restless waters of the lake make the moon dance.

Self-forgetting is inherent in self-knowing. Consciousness
and unconsciousness are two aspects of one life. They co-exist.

To know the world you forget the self -- to know the self
you forget the world.

Self-remembering is a mental state and self-forgetting is
another. They alternate like day and night. Reality is beyond both.

To see myself in everybody and everybody in myself most
certainly is love.

This must be well grasped: the world hangs on the thread of
consciousness; no consciousness, no world.

Naming cannot go beyond the mind, while perceiving is
consciousness itself.

One thing is quite clear to me: all that is, lives and
moves and has its being in consciousness and I am in and beyond that consciousness.

The world has no existence apart from you. At every moment
it is but a reflection of yourself. You create it, you destroy it.

It is not the universe that needs improving, but your way
of looking.

What is beautiful? Whatever is perceived blissfully is
beautiful. Bliss is the essence of beauty.

Because you take your mind off yourself and make it dwell
on what you are not, you lose your sense of well-being.

What you can seek and find is not the real thing. Find what
you have never lost, find the inalienable.

26 October 2010

24. God is the All-doer, the Jnani a Non-doer

Eternally the Great Heart beats and at each beat a new
universe comes into being.

I accept and am accepted. I am all and all is me. Being the
world I am not afraid of the world. Being all, what am I to be afraid of?

I am nothing, and nothing is afraid of no thing.

Everything is afraid of the Nothing, for when a thing
touches Nothing, it becomes nothing.

A thing worth doing is its own purpose and meaning, Make
nothing a means to something else.

When through the practice of discrimination & detachment,
you lose sight of sensory & mental states, pure being emerges as the natural state

Go in the direction of 'I am'.

25 October 2010

23. Discrimination leads to Detachment

My silence sings, my emptiness is full, I lack nothing.

Salvation is to see things as they are.

Be passionately dispassionate.

My experience is that everything is bliss. But the desire
for bliss creates pain. Thus bliss becomes the seed of pain.

24 October 2010

22. Life is Love and Love is Life

Remember that Yoga is the work of the inner self on the
outer self. All that the outer does is merely in response to the inner.

The outer can help by keeping quiet and free from desire
and fear.

Even the little description of reality that is given is
through denials -- 'not this, not this', (neti, neti).

All positives belong to the inner self, as all absolutes --
to Reality.

It is not life that needs the body; it is the body that
needs life

Life is love and love is life.

What keeps the body together but love? What is desire, but
love of the self? What is fear but the urge to protect?

What is knowledge but the love of truth? The means & forms
may be wrong, but the motive behind is always love -- love of the me & the mine.

The me and the mine may be small, or may explode andembrace the universe, but love remains.

23 October 2010

21. Who am I?

Truth is loving and lovable. It includes all, accepts all,
purifies all. It is untruth that is difficult and a source of trouble.

Nothing can set you free, because you are free. See
yourself with desireless clarity, that is all.

Give up all questions except one: 'Who am l'?

The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me,
apparently two, really one, seek unity and that is love.

Only what liberates you from desire and fear and wrong
ideas is good. As long as you worry about sin and virtue you will have no peace.

A man who moves with the earth will necessarily experience
days and nights. He who stays with the sun will know no darkness.

I am doing: I did enter your dreamlike state to tell you --
"Stop hurting yourself and others, stop suffering, wake up".

22 October 2010

20. The Supreme is Beyond All

Whatever you may say will be both true and false. Words do
not reach beyond the mind.

The source of consciousness cannot be an object in
consciousness. To know the source is to be the source.

Absolutes should be experienced, not discussed.

Seeking out causes is a pastime of the mind. There is no
duality of cause and effect. Everything is its own cause.

In ignorance the seer becomes the seen and in wisdom he is
the seeing.

21 October 2010

19. Reality lies in Objectivity

Consciousness itself is the greatest painter. The entire
world is a Picture.

The picture I call the world, the painter I call God. I am
neither. I do not create, nor am I created. I contain all, nothing contains me.

When you see the world you see God.

There is no seeing God, apart from the world. Beyond the
world to see God is to be God.

To exist means to be something, a thing, a feeling, a
thought, an idea. All existence is particular. Only being is universal.

Existences clash, being -- never. Existence means becoming,
change, birth and death and birth again, while in being there is silent peace.

20 October 2010

18. To Know What you Are, Find What you Are Not

You cannot possibly say that you are what you think yourself to be!
Your ideas about yourself change from day to day and from moment to moment.

Your self image is the most changeful thing you have. It is utterly vulnerable, at the mercy of a passer by.

To know what you are you must first investigate and know what you are not.

And to know what you are not you must watch yourself carefully, rejecting all that does not necessarily go with the basic fact: 'I am'.

Separate consistently and perseveringly the 'I am' from 'this' or 'that', and try to feel what it means to be, just to be, without being 'this' or 'that'.

The clearer you understand that on the level of the mind you can be
described in negative terms only,

the quicker you will come to the end of your search and realise your limitless being.

19 October 2010

17. The Ever-Present

Awareness is my nature; ultimately I am beyond being and

Meditation will help you to find your bonds, loosen them,
untie them and cast your moorings.

When you are no longer attached to anything, you have done
your share. The rest will be done for you.

Every event is the effect and the expression of the whole
and is in fundamental harmony with the whole.

All response from the whole must be right, effortless and
instantaneous. It cannot be otherwise, if it is right.

Delayed response is wrong response.

To realise the Eternal is to become the Eternal, the whole,
the universe, with all it contains.

18 October 2010

16. Desirelessness, the Highest Bliss

Nothing of value can happen to a mind which knows exactly
what it wants. For nothing the mind can visualise and want is of much value.

What helps you to know yourself is right. What prevents, is
wrong. To know one's real self is bliss, to forget -- is sorrow.

Seeing the false as the false, is meditation.

Establish yourself firmly in the awareness of 'I am'. This
is the beginning and also the end of all endeavour.

Distrust your mind, and go beyond.

Those who know only scriptures know nothing. To know is to

It is only your inner teacher, that will walk with you to
the goal, for he is the goal.

The higher your aims and vaster your desires, the more
energy you will have for their fulfilment.

Desire the good of all and the universe will work with you.

16 October 2010

15. The Jnani

The earth is mine; what grows on it is God's.

God is my devotee and did all this for me.

'I am' is the root, God is the tree.

I am devotion itself.

A man willing to die for truth will get it.

15 October 2010

14. Appearances and the Reality

There is only light and the light is all. Everything else
is but a picture made of light.

The picture is in the light and the light is in the picture.

To take appearance for reality is a grievous sin and the
cause of all calamities.

You are the all-pervading, eternal and infinitely creative
awareness -- consciousness. All else is local and temporary.

Don't forget what you are.

14 October 2010

13. The Supreme, the Mind and the Body

The supreme gives existence to the mind. The mind gives existence to the body.

The world is there because I am, but I am not the world.

I am neither the potentiality nor the actualisation, nor the actuality of things.

All is a play in consciousness. All divisions are illusory. You can know the false only. The true you must yourself be.

At the moment of realisation the person ceases. Identity remains, but identity is not a person, it is inherent in the reality itself.

As long as you cling to the idea that only what has name and shape exists, the Supreme will appear to you nonexisting.

Reality is one. It is. It cannot be denied. It is deep and dark, mystery beyond mystery. But it is, while all else merely happens.

13 October 2010

12. The Person is not Reality

When self-control becomes second nature, awareness shifts
its focus to deeper levels of existence and action.

When life and death are seen as essential to each other, as
two aspects of one being, that is immortality.

Awareness is not of time. Time exists in consciousness
only. Beyond consciousness where are time and space?

A tremendously complex work is going on all the time in
your brain and body, are you conscious of it? Not at all.

Why not admit that one’s entire personal life may sink
largely below the threshold of consciousness and yet proceed sanely and

Personality is merely a reflection of the real. Why should
not the reflection be true to the original as a matter of course,

You agree to be guided from within and life becomes a
journey into the unknown.

12 October 2010

11. Awareness and Consciousness

Awareness is primordial; it is the original state, beginningless, endless, uncaused, unsupported, without parts, without change.

Consciousness of being conscious is already a movement in awareness. Interest in your stream of consciousness takes you to awareness.

Realisation is but the opposite of ignorance. To take the
world as real and one’s self as unreal is ignorance. The cause of sorrow.

The same mirror that shows you the world as it is, will
also show you your own face. The thought 'I am' is the polishing cloth. Use it.

10 October 2010

10. Witnessing

Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go
beyond yourself, you must know yourself.

What you are, you already are. By knowing what you are not,
you are free of it and remain in your own natural state.

Of course you are the Supreme Reality! But what of it?
Every grain of sand is God; to know it is important, but that is only the

Putting words together will not take you far. Go within and
discover what you are not. Nothing else matters.

09 October 2010

9. Responses of Memory

The universe does not come to tell you that you are a part
of it. It is you who have invented a totality to contain you as a part.

Knowing the world to be a part of myself, I pay it no more
attention than you pay to the food you have eaten.

I have eaten up the world and I need not think of it any

How can I hurt something which is one with me. On the
contrary, without thinking of the world, whatever I do will be of benefit
to it.

08 October 2010

8. The Self Stands Beyond Mind

Refuse all thoughts except one: the thought 'I am'.

The mind will rebel in the beginning, but with patience and
perseverance it will yield and keep quiet.

Once you are quiet, things will begin to happen
spontaneously and quite naturally without any interference on your part.

07 October 2010

7. The Mind

In pure being consciousness arises; in consciousness the
world appears and disappears. All there is is me, all there is is mine.

Past and future are in mind only -- I am now.

Q: Is your world full of things and people as is mine?
M: No, it is full of myself.

I do not negate the world. I see it as appearing in consciousness, which is the totality of the known in the immensity of the unknown.

What begins and ends is mere appearance. The world can be
said to appear, but not to be.

The entire universe exists only in consciousness, while I
have my stand in the Absolute... Before all beginnings, after all
endings—I am.

06 October 2010

6. Meditation

The primary purpose of meditation is to become conscious
of, and familiar with, our inner life.

The ultimate purpose is to reach the source of life and

Whatever vice or weakness in ourselves we discover and
understand its causes and its workings, we overcome it by the very

the unconscious dissolves when brought into the conscious.

05 October 2010

5. What is Born must Die

What was born must die. Only the unborn is deathless.

Find what is it that never sleeps and never wakes, and
whose pale reflection is our sense of 'I'.

To remember what needs to be remembered is the secret of

The goal and the way must not be on different levels; life
and light must not quarrel; behaviour must not betray belief.

04 October 2010

4. Real World is Beyond the Mind

No thing in existence has a particular cause; the entire universe contributes to the existence of even the smallest thing.

Would people know that nothing can happen unless the entire universe makes it happen, they would achieve much more with less... energy.

The very urge to achieve is also an expression of the total universe. It... shows that the energy potential has risen at a particular point.

The real world is beyond the mind's ken; we see it through the net of our desires...

To see the universe as it is, you must step beyond the net. It is not hard to do so, for the net is full of holes.

Causality, even as a concept, does not apply to chaos.

For everything there are innumerable causal factors. But the source of all that is, is the Infinite Possibility, the Supreme Reality...

...which is in you and which throws its power and light and love on every experience.

But, this source is not a cause and no cause is a source. Because of that, I say everything is uncaused.

A thing is as it is, because the universe is as it is.

03 October 2010

3. The Living Present

You are the ultimate potentiality of which the all-embracing consciousness is the manifestation and expression.

A thing focused in the now is with me, for I am ever present; it is my own reality that I impart to the present event.

Desire is the memory of pleasure and fear is the memory of pain. Both make the mind restless.

Can there be some other mind, which unites and harmonises, which sees the whole in the part and the part as totally related to the

In the going beyond the limiting, dividing and opposing mind. In ending the mental process as we know it...that mind is born.

The inclusive mind is love in action, battling against circumstances, initially frustrated, ultimately victorious.

Mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.

02 October 2010

2. Obsession with the body

I do not claim to know what you do not. In fact, I know much less than you do.

I know nothing about miracles, and I wonder whether nature admits exceptions to her laws, unless we agree that everything is a miracle.

Your mind is all with things, people and ideas, never with your self. Bring your self into focus, become aware of your own existence.

01 October 2010

1. The Sense of ‘I am’

You are nothing perceivable, or imaginable. Yet, without
you there can be neither perception nor imagination.

Go deep into the sense of ‘I am’ and you will find. How do you find a thing you have mislaid or forgotten? You keep it in your mind until you recall it. The sense of being, of 'I am' is the first to emerge. Ask yourself whence it comes, or just watch it quietly. When the mind stays in the 'I am' without moving, you enter a state which cannot be verbalised but can be experienced. All you need to do is try and try again. After all the sense ‘I am’ is always with you, only you have
attached all kinds of things to it -- body, feelings, thoughts, ideas, possessions etc. All these self-identifications are misleading. Because of them you take yourself to be what you are not.