27 October 2010

25. Hold on to ‘I am’

Things happen as they happen—not because I make them
happen, but it is because I am that they happen. In reality nothing ever happens.

When the mind is restless, it makes Shiva dance, like the
restless waters of the lake make the moon dance.

Self-forgetting is inherent in self-knowing. Consciousness
and unconsciousness are two aspects of one life. They co-exist.

To know the world you forget the self -- to know the self
you forget the world.

Self-remembering is a mental state and self-forgetting is
another. They alternate like day and night. Reality is beyond both.

To see myself in everybody and everybody in myself most
certainly is love.

This must be well grasped: the world hangs on the thread of
consciousness; no consciousness, no world.

Naming cannot go beyond the mind, while perceiving is
consciousness itself.

One thing is quite clear to me: all that is, lives and
moves and has its being in consciousness and I am in and beyond that consciousness.

The world has no existence apart from you. At every moment
it is but a reflection of yourself. You create it, you destroy it.

It is not the universe that needs improving, but your way
of looking.

What is beautiful? Whatever is perceived blissfully is
beautiful. Bliss is the essence of beauty.

Because you take your mind off yourself and make it dwell
on what you are not, you lose your sense of well-being.

What you can seek and find is not the real thing. Find what
you have never lost, find the inalienable.

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